Our Facilities

Facilities Azuvia Beach Retreat is a warm and friendly female operated establishment and division of SIMDI Group company managed by a team of dedicated and professional staff. The hotel is located in Hulumale and only 20 minutes’ drive from Male' and 15 minutes from the airport.  Ferry Terminal Park is 1.1 km from the accommodation. 



Azuvia Private Room greets you with everything from breakfasts, lunch, tea time, and dinner with privacy from the morning, till evening.  We are here to answer all our customer callings: in celebration; to impress; to inspire or informality and entertainment; in an inconspicuous way.

With a size of 10 sqm, an Integrated sound system with a 60” screen TV it is the perfect choice.  

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It is a good day to have a good day! Give your body a little love it deserves after an eventful and tiring day with Azuvia Sauna where you'll be able to recharge your body and find time to relax.  The inviting Sauna features a steam sauna and hot shower.  Here you can take your time to unwind forgetting the stress and simply enjoy the soothing warm shower and relax in the heated bench. They are relaxing, purifying and detoxifying while stimulating the circulation.



Let’s Step Outside for a while, Azuvia's Open Terrace like no other, rising from the blue expanse of Indian Ocean offering private moments to Couples and friends, ample space to organize Private Events,  Weddings,  Celebrations, etc.  We want to create a “zesty” factor for each of your guest and our guest, that will not only create a lasting with our value.

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We do not want to create excursion or tourist packages for our guests like any other hotels?  Let's put it this way —we want to have more interactive communication, we want to listen to your needs, be solution-oriented and by default, we will exceed your expectations.

You are our guest, not a tourist..